More about us

ARPA is a pioneering International development law organization, working to advance the rule of law worldwide, with a special focus on the Middle East and Africa regions. We work in partnership with  lawyers, public officials, justice sector professionals, international and regional organizations, and private sector to realize people-centered justice, with a focus on women and help reach equal access to justice for all (UN SDG 16.3).

ARPA works on legal empowerment at the national level, provides governments and non-government clients with the know-how to enhance their legal capacity and rule of law framework in accordance with international standards. 

Our Vision

To promote the rule of law.

Our Mission

To advance the rule of law worldwide.

Core Values

Equal access to justice for all.

ARPA recognizes the value added of law and international development academic discourse and strives to apply these scholarships to project implementation. 

ARPA has signed  MoUs with governments in countries ranging from Morocco to Denmark and Finland.